Kris Gethin Steroids Or Natural?

The welsh professional bodybuilder and the CEO of supplement company (name of the company is Kaged Supplements).

Kris Gethin is also a celebrity personal trainer, writer, and photographer.

Kris Gethin

He is well known for working together with and different workout training that is available online.

He has gathered a lot of fame through social media due to incredible transformation.

Kris has developed the lean muscle within 12 weeks.

His incredible transformation amazed a lot of people.

He also trained with many famous bodybuilders such as the 6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

Kris Gethin before and after pictures have raised the question and steroid allegations begin to spread.

He may get some motivation through the lifting of heavy weight that can boost up the strength.

Kris is the owner of supplement company.

The steroids use do not affect your career for a long if you have millions of fans.

Kris Gethin Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 185-195lbs (83.9-88.5kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’8’’

Sometimes the off-season weight goes up to 220lbs.

Did Kris take some help from the anabolic steroids for his transformation?

Kris physique is different from others, he looks more smooth due to high body percentage of fat.

Despite wide waist, he has an ability to inspire most of the bodybuilding and fitness fans around the world.

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Physique like Kris is hard to achieve naturally.

If we talk generally, so the Kris Gethin like physique is attainable without taking help of the drugs.

All you need is just good genetics and spent several hours on the training.

It is hard for the natural bodybuilders to build up the 3D Delt, whereas Kris does not have this problem.

Kris Claimed As A Natural Bodybuilder:

In the official websites of Kris Gethin, it is stated that he is completely natural.

In the, it is stated that Kris is a lifetime natural Pro bodybuilder.

We cannot trust the bodybuilding company with our close eyes because they charged for $7 million by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for anabolic steroids.

Sign Of Steroid Use:

For judging the Kris, we need to look at the physical appearance.

Kris Gethin steroids

There are some signs of steroid that play a role to clear the truth.

Kris has also appeared with steroid symptoms.

  • Abs:

The steroid user develops the very thick abdominal muscle and more thicken Abs.

Kris Abs appear as very thick.

  • Bloated Mid Section:

This is another crucial sign of steroid user that they develop the more bloated stomach.

Despite having a low percentage of the body, the stomach and Ab look more bloated.

Drug Test:

There are many federations who run the drug test to find out the natural and steroid user.

The good organizations are conducting the test at any random times.

The tests are included in a urine test, blood test, and a polygraph (lie detector).

It is better to conduct the drug test at any random times because the planned test can help the bodybuilders to eliminate the drugs from the system.

Kris has competed in almost two natural bodybuilding competition means he passed this drug test.

But, how can we just rely on the drug test to Identify the natural one or a steroid user.

There are many chances are available to cheat the drug test such as taking those anabolic steroids, which are easily eliminated from the system.

Both of the federations require the status that is free from the steroids around 7 years.

There are some federations that have the criteria to be a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder such as BNBF, these federations are selected by the few numbers of people.

The Transformation:

Kris Gethin transformation is very well known and gained a lot of fame in the social media.

From very bigger size, you get just ripped within 12 weeks of the time period.

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Losing too much weight is possible and seen among the natural bodybuilders but losing weight without losing muscle mass is very typical.

He probably took some help from the steroids to develop the muscle tone.

You can check out the complete transformation as Kris Gethin 4 Weeks To Shred, Kris Gethin 8 Weeks, And Kris Gethin 8 Weeks.

Gain Timeline:

You can find out the gain timeline in our almost blogs because it is a great way to detect the steroid user.

Juicers can require the 5 years of the time period while the natural one can gain the maximum muscle or transformed himself within a 10-11 years of the time period.

The reason behind this phenomena is that newbie gains are easy to developed because they have potential to grow the muscle in the first month of training.

After that, this limit is going to slow down, but Kris has gained the 50-60lbs after gaining the newbie gains.

The bloated and mid section combined with 50-60lbs of muscle.

Kris Gethin Workout:

He is an advocate of DPT program which is a combination of high and low rep exercises.

Chris Gethin workout

He targets each part of the body on a specific day such as the:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Shoulders
  • Wednesday: cardio
  • Thursday: arms
  • Friday: shoulders
  • Saturday: Ab’s
  • Sunday: Cardio

Kris Gethin aims to take 8 meals per day in order to get provide energy to the body.

Before doing any exercise, he first finished his breakfast because, in the Kris opinion, running and exercises on an empty stomach can slow down the metabolism.


According to the evidence, Kris could have taken steroids in his life.

Kris may take the steroid in his early age due to developing a tone of muscles.

The possible Kris Gethin steroids are:

Testosterone and Dianabol in average amount can widen the waist that Kris has.

These steroids can play a role to widen the lean muscle, traps, and deltoids.

The steroid combined with HGH can worsen the symptoms and developed steroid gut.

Steroid practice can never interrupt his career because he has guided the millions of bodybuilder to transform their bodies.

Only taking the steroid cannot give you the result like Kris.

The smooth or well defined physical appearance is a result of genetics and the extreme bodybuilding.